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CISMAT handle the cargo documents for several Carriers either in Rome-FCO and Milano-MXP airports in compliance to the IATA standard provisions.

For Import local shipments

Ref. IATA 5.1.4
(b) - Obtain Receipt upon delivery of Cargo (AWB copy 4 for delivery receipt)
Ref. IATA 5.2.2
Obtain Customs clearance for
(c) - Transfer cargo.
Ref. IATA 5.3.1
Take immediate action in respect of irregularities, damage or mishandling of
dangerous goods and other special shipments.
Ref. IATA 5.3.2
Report to the Carrier any irregularities discovered in cargo handling.
Ref. IATA 5.3.4
(a) - Notify the Carrier of complaints and claims;
(b) - process claims (submit the matter to the Carrier for proper final decision.
Ref. IATA 5.3.5
Take action when Consignee refuses acceptance and payment:
(notify the stations in route about non delivery, reserves received,
discrepancies found in AWB charges, issue IRP).
Ref. IATA 5.4.2
(a) - Notify Consignee or Agent of arrival of shipments.
(b) - Make available cargo documents to Consignee or Agents.
(c) - Input appropriate FSU transactions like (NFD/AWD/DLV) into EDI systems for
cargo to FCO MXP as final destination.
Ref. IATA 5.4.3
(1) collection of “Charges Collect” as shown on the air waybill;
(2) collection of other charges and fees as shown on the air waybill;
(3) credit to Consignees or Agents.

For Import transit shipments

Ref. IATA 5.6.2
Prepare transfer manifests for cargo to be transported by other Carriers.
Ref. IATA 5.6.3
(b) - Arrange for transport, under coverage of Tranfer Manifest, to
the receiving carrier’s warehouse:
- on airport
- off airport (truck charges as per Agreement)
Ref. IATA 5.6.4
- transfer cargo incoming from other carriers;
- transit cargo for onforward carriage (truck charges as per Agreement) to
destinations beyond Rome and Milan.
Input appropriate FSU transactions like (NFD/AWD/DLV) into EDI systems.

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